Thursday, February 21, 2013

Beach Must-Haves: Swimsuits

Sometimes talk about modest falls on deaf ears because as girls we don't really understand the importance of it.

Now moving on to take a moment out to talk about modesty and the beach: I know its hard. I hated for YEARS the quest to find appropriate swimsuits. I needed no convincing that they were a mythical creature that people talked about, but really didn't exist. Really, I felt doomed to swimsuits that were designed for little old ladies.

So when I do find an appropriate swimsuit, I do a happy dance in the middle of the store. Then, I share them with you as an encouragement to keep looking!

Below are swimsuits (or pretty close copies) of the swimsuits I'm taking with me to the beach:

Spring Break Swimsuits


Straight clean lines, a very normal silhouette for a swimsuit. I like this one because its a basic, but its not old-lady. Plus, sheer is in, and I happened to snag this swimsuit a couple years ago (ahead of a trend for once!).


I know what you're thinking, now HOLD UP, you said we were talking about modest swimsuits. I know, this one on its own isn't appropriate. However, I'll be spending a good portion of my time on the beach actually in a tank top or tee shirt and shorts, and a full swimsuit is just too warm to be wearing under all that on the beach. Plus, the bottoms are a great mix with the next,


Ah, the tankini, every girl's favorite in-between for not having on a bikini, but not stuck with the limited options of one-piece swimsuits. For me, its love, and a perk of this particular swimsuit is the strap is detachable, so when I'm tanning no tan lines.


I got the swimsuit pictured in navy last year, and it might be my absolute favorite swimsuit purchase ever. For once modest and attractive fit into one swimsuit, and I call it a win!

So my advice is that you just keep searching - the vintage trend right now is a very, very good friend to us. Good luck, and happy swimming!

Grace and peace,

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