Thursday, March 21, 2013

Believing In God's Fulfillment

Perhaps, I'm a crazy woman. Yet, at the same time the Biblical woman I'm talking about today probably seemed a little crazy at first.

Mary, the earthly mother of Jesus, must have came across as a bit crazy too.

Lets review:

She wasn't married yet.
She was having a baby.
She claimed to still be a virgin.

If I heard that on the street today, I would think she was either lying, or I would try to come up with some medical answer for what she was experiencing. Let's be honest, anyone would recognize that in her story, two plus two wasn't exactly adding up to four.

However, the glimpse of Mary's pregnancy presented in Luke 1 demonstrates for us how God's narrative is so much bigger than our human understanding of a situation.

First off, the reader finds out about Elizabeth, Mary's cousin, who in this middle of this story is going through her own awesome example of how God was moving and working because she is finally having a baby - a son who the world will come to know as John the Baptist.

Elizabeth is rejoicing at how the Lord is also working through Mary, a beautiful example of how sisters in Christ encourage one another. What struck me as I read the passage in Luke was the last verse,
"And blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfillment of what was spoken to her from the Lord." -Luke 1:45
Ever had God tell you something you were not sure would work out?

Sometimes God's plans leave me utterly confused. When I can't easily see the path that A will lead me to C through B, I begin to waiver about the Lord's plan. I start seeing all the obstacles, and forget that my God is so much bigger than any of the hurdles or detours I might have to go on to get where I'm going.

Honestly, I struggle with control because sometimes the path I'm on does not appear to be the most obvious path that my human thoughts went to.

Sometimes I even question if God has forgotten His words to me, and I begin to wrestle with whether they will be fulfilled.

Granted, when I think about fulfillment, I so often view it through the lens of whether His plan looks the way I envisioned it happening in my head. More times than not, His plan turns out differently than my imagination. However, if I took a moment to look back on my own life, when I fully surrendered to God's path, His direction lead me on better adventures with more exciting stories than I could ever come up with.

So even when your story doesn't add up neatly, when God has given you a task that can only be accomplish by divine intervention, I pray that you will hear the words blessed is she who believed that there would be fulfillment...from the Lord.

Its easy to want to rely on our own understanding, and looking beyond it and believing that God will fulfill His words to you regardless of how far-fetched they seem doesn't always come naturally. Ask Him to show you how mighty He is to act beyond your understanding.

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