Saturday, March 16, 2013

Front Porch Ramblings

I love giving things names.

Maybe it has been inherent in human nature ever since God gave Adam the task of naming all the animals in Genesis 2:19-20.

Today though I get a special privilege of revealing my new domain name and blog title:

Front Porch Ramblings

The process to getting to this name wasn't an easy one. I'm easily an over-analyzer and I thought I needed a perfect domain name. I guess I should have re-read my own post, but I was rather determined that the right name was out there if only I could grasp it.

I wanted something small and brief, but that spoke volumes at the same time. Easy to do - right?!!?

Then I thought about front porches.

I grew up in the South, and front porches are special places. They're places where community gathers. They can become a refuge for solitude. They're also front row seats for watching a summer thunderstorm roll in.

Some of the best moments and conversations of my life have occurred on front porches. I spent so much time listening to my dad's stories and talks about life and meaning on a front porch. Which of course, as an awesome friend pointed out, is reflective of my spiritual walk too.

So welcome - grab a cup of coffee, a glass of sweet tea, and settle in for front porch ramblings.

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