Monday, March 4, 2013

Lessons From the Sand and Sea, Part 1

Photo Credit: K. Hall

Okay, so I know I really am looking out at the Gulf of Mexico, which is in fact, not a sea

Yet there's just something calming about walking into your condo for the week and being greeted by sights like the one above.

Yesterday morning, I giggled when I started my quiet time and it happened to be about Jesus walking on the water. I mean, what better timing than my first full day at the beach?

Here are some of my thoughts as I read the account from Matthew 14:22-33:

Often, I tend to forget that Jesus was walking on water. I mean I know it, but I don't think about how big of a miracle that was, that He just was walking along on the water, like this was a totally normal incident.

When the disciples saw Jesus, they thought he was a ghost. How often do I mistake the presence of Christ in my life as a "coincidence" or forget to attribute the supernatural to the Lord?

To calm their fears, Jesus tells them, "Take heart; it is I. Do not be afraid." Oh how I daily need reminders that the Lord's work is not scary.

Peter's response is to question if its Jesus, and the only way to prove what he said was to take a step of faith. Do I take steps of faith in order to find Jesus, or do I want the finding Jesus to come first before I step out in faith?

We so often focus on Peter's doubt that caused him to sink, but lets give him credit, as long as he set his eyes on Jesus, he walked on water too. How can I display the glory of the Lord as long as I look to Him to give me everything I need?

While your spring break may not lead you to the beach, or you may not have one at all, I pray that you would take the questions to heart and learn to take faith steps with the Lord.

Grace and Peace,

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