Monday, August 19, 2013

5 Things I Learned In My First 5 Days At Work

Alright, I have exciting news to share, I have a job!

Yep, you read that right - I work a  9-to-5 where I wear pencil skirts, button ups, and heels on a daily basis, somehow I have overnight fallen into "big girl" category for real. I really could gush for a long time about how God provided everything I wanted from a first job, besides being in vocational ministry. It's truly a prayer answered  an answer that leads me to nothing but worship of a God who delights in His children.

I'm excited, yet most definitely a little freaked out by my quick shift into the fully adult world.

Yet I just wanted to share the top five things I learned in my first week of work.

You're On A Learning Curve

That's right, the people already in the office (for the most part) know what they're doing. It can be super intimidating if you have a compulsion to know the right answer to the question before its ever asked. Of course, its a really good practice in humility too. I've spent a lot of time learning to listen first, and ask relevant questions second. Rarely are thoughtful questions answered in frustration.

Don't Jump Into Office Politics

Not only are you learning the mechanics of a new job, but there are always social implications to consider when walking into any office. Typically, the desire to be liked and accepted by your co-workers might have you considering picking sides in issues that were in place long before you got there. Wait, give yourself time to truly process all sides of your environment and form your own opinions on everything. It's fine to listen to what everyone is saying, but always know there are multiple sides to every story.

Be Yourself Outside of Work

I definitely wasn't prepared for the work exhaustion. Goodbye afternoon nap time, hello answering phones while you're in the middle of focusing on a detailed task. After the amounts of new information I was processing each day all I wanted to do was go crawl into bed and not come out until morning. however, the highlights of my week came from going for an afternoon run (Nashville had beautiful weather last week) and grabbing dinner with friends to just chat about life.

You Are Not Your Job

If I could stress anything I learned this past week it would be just this one statement. Yes, our job is a part of what we do - after all we spend about a third of our day at the office - but it is not all of who you are. Explore those things, remembering that first and foremost your identity is found in Christ. He defines who you are - not your boss, not your co-workers, not your job performance, not even you. Rest in His truth, especially when you feel confused, inadequate, or overwhelmed.

My prayer is that no matter where you are in life: college student, job seeker, first job, or seasoned veteran that you would allow yourself the time to rest and recognize the beauty in the situation God has called you right now. May we not miss the opportunities to experience, learn, and grow in the season we're in by prematurely rushing in the next stepping stone.

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