Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Prayer for College Students

My friends still in college go back to school today, and it feels a little strange not to be preparing for syllabus day myself. After all, this is the first time in 17 years that August hasn't ushered in a new school year for me.

Inspired by Emily Freeman's sending prayer for college freshmen, my prayer is for all those going back to college right now.

Dear Lord,

May campus be enveloped by your love. May evidence of You be in dorm rooms, in classrooms, and student centers. May the evidence lead to worship that Your glory may be revealed even in the darkest of places.

May there be constant power in faith. Strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ. May their anxieties of fitting in, of difficult classes and professors, of learning about themselves be eclipsed by the recognition that You alone can supply their every need.

May they find in You a fountain of joy. May their friendships be renewed and strengthened this year, may they learn the value of growing in community and grasp the significance of how You have given an abundance time to do this in college.

May You provide servant hearts. May students learn to look for the least of these and care for them just as Jesus did - with compassion and grace. May they see needs and have the passion to serve in however You call them.

May You bring revival. May conversation to turn You, and may students no longer be conformed to the patterns of this world. May they be transformed by the renewal of their minds, that by testing they may discern what Your infinite, perfect will.

May they lean in to the Holy Spirit when things get difficult. At 3AM when they aren't sure a paper will be finished in time, in heartaches, and fears of the future - I pray that they would be led by a peace that surpasses understanding.

May they learn to praise Your name: in those moments that they cannot imagine being any better, knowing that every good and perfect gift is from above. In the moments that there seems to be no room for praise, I ask that You would remind them of Your love and grace.

In the Holy and Worthy name of Jesus I ask all these things, Amen.

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