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Hmmm, the story of who I am and how I got here. While I wish I could accurately give you a run-down in the two minutes you're willing to read this page, the task far exceeds my ability. In fact, I'd much prefer to sit down with you in the corner of a cozy coffee shop, Bible and heart open before you. Its how I best share and relate, plus who doesn't love a good conversation in the company of dear friends?

Ultimately, the goal of this blog is to have the closest feel of that coffee shop setting without me present. Since having coffee with everyone that might chance upon this blog seems highly unlikely, I am a college student after all, I guess it will suffice to tell you a couple things about me that I do know:

I am the princess of an Almighty King

Until recently, this would not have been the first descriptor I would place on myself. Student, shopaholic, or some other thing about what I do would go in place of who I am. However, my long-suffering Savior grants grace for not focusing on Him, as I am daily reminded of the love He shows to me.

I have a passion for people.

Maybe its a  little quirky. Most people enjoy a sport, a hobby, a place. I enjoy, well, people. Their stories fascinate me as I look between where they came from, where they are now, and the bright future ahead of them. Whether they recognize their significance or not, their individual stories are unique and uplifting evidence of the Divine.

My life is two parts comedy, one part romance, with a dash of sheer brilliance.

My guess is if you read this blog long-term, you're going to figure this out. As I incorporate stories from my everyday, ordinary life woven into the tapestry teaching of scripture my hope is that you can learn to experience God in new ways. Is my life perfect? Far from it! Do I try to take time out and recognize the brilliance of imperfection? Absolutely. I hope my stories of a life well loved and well lived inspire you to do the same.

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